Hebe ‘Balfouriana’

Hebe ‘Balfouriana’ photographed at a Hebe Society member’s garden, Yorkshire, UK

Hebe ‘Balfouriana’ is an erect growing, evergreen bushy shrub, growing to 3 ft (90 cm). The pale green, shiny, oval leaves are 0.5–0.75 in (1.25–1.8 cm) long. Young leaves have purple edges. The flowers are pale blue-purple; summer. This hebe is fairly hardy in the UK.

Hebe ‘Balfouriana’ was raised prior to 1897 at Edinburgh Botanic Gardens from seed received from New Zealand. It was named after Sir Isaac Bayley Balfour, the Director of the gardens, and may be a cross between Hebe pimeleoides and Hebe vernicosa.

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