Hebe ‘Gannymede’

Hebe ‘Gannymede’ photographed at The Quinta Arboretum, Swettenham, Cheshire, UK

Hebe ‘Gannymede’ is a bushy, evergreen shrub, about 54 in (135 cm) high. The spear-shaped leaves are dark green, 2–4 in (5–10 cm) long. The flowers are purple; summer.

This plant is a hybrid of Hebe speciosa, and is tender in the UK. It came to Douglas Chalk from Swansea, via Scotland, and was labelled Hebe speciosa. Douglas named the cultivar after Gannymede, who was Hebe’s successor as cupbearer to the Gods.

Hardiness = H4     UK Availability = 1

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