Hebe ‘Lindsayi’

Hebe ‘Lindsayi’ photographed at The Quinta Arboretum, Swettenham, Cheshire, UK

Hebe ‘Lindsayi’ is an easily recognised, evergreen shrub with its upright habit, dark purple stems, and concave, mid-green, oval leaves, 0.8 in (20 mm) long. It has stout spikes of pink-lilac flowers in early summer, and grows to about 40 in (1 m) high. A hebe fairly hardy in the UK.

This hebe cultivar was raised by Robert Lindsay (1846–1913), curator of the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens. The parents are said to be Hebe amplexicaulis and Hebe pimeleoides.

Hardiness = H5     UK Availability = 1

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