Hebe ‘Nantyderry’

Hebe ‘Nantyderry’ photographed at a Hebe Society member’s garden, Cheshire, UK

Hebe ‘Nantyderry’ is an evergreen shrub of loose rounded habit, which reaches 30 in (75 cm) high, and the same across. The leaves are mid-green, spear-shaped, with a purple edge, 1.2 in (3 cm) long. The whole leaf takes on a purple-brown coloration in winter. Spikes of violet flowers 1.2 in (3 cm) long, which fade to white, in early summer.

Mrs Rose Clay raised this hebe cultivar in the late 1970s. A hebe that is best pruned after flowering to keep it tidy.

Hardiness = H5     UK Availability = 2

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