Hebe ‘Pink Elephant’

Hebe ‘Pink Elephant’ photographed at a Hebe Society member’s garden, Cheshire, UK

Hebe ‘Pink Elephant’ is a small, compact, evergreen shrub that grows to about 20 in (50 cm) high and 36 in (90 cm) wide in 10 years. The broad, oval, grey-green leaves have wide pale-yellow margins and are flushed with pink. The leaves become reddish in winter. Short spikes of white flowers in early summer. A hebe that is hardy in the UK.

This is a sport of Hebe ‘Red Edge’, and was found by Mark Walberton of Ashwood Nurseries, Staffordshire, UK. It is similar in appearance to Hebe ‘Silver Dollar’ and Hebe ‘Sweet Kim’.

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