Hebe ‘Snow Wreath’

Hebe ‘Snow Wreath’ photographed at Wakehurst Place, Ardingly, Sussex, UK

Hebe ‘Snow Wreath’ (syn Hebe salicifolia ‘Variegata’) forms a much-branched, evergreen shrub, growing to 40 in (1 m) or more high. The pale green variegated leaves are spear-shaped, 1.2–2 in (3–5 cm) long, and have broad white to cream edges. The flowers are white; summer, and possible again in autumn. A hebe fairly hardy in the UK.

This is possibly a hybrid of Hebe salicifolia, and Graham Hutchins of County Park Nursery suggests that Hebe parviflora might the other parent. It can be scorched by sun or frost, but given a sheltered location it can grow well.

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