Aciphylla dieffenbachii

Aciphylla dieffenbachii photographed at Southern Seeds, Sheffield, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand

Aciphylla dieffenbachii (syn Coxella dieffenbachii) is a spiky herbaceous plant, growing to 20 in (50 cm) high. The grey-green leaves are up to 24 in (60 cm) long, and are much divided. The inclined flowering stem is up to 40 in (1 m) tall, the flowers are bright yellow; summer.

Aciphylla dieffenbachii is found on coastal cliffs in the Chatham Islands, New Zealand, but is now confined to steep inaccessible cliffs, due to browsing by animals. Naturalised on Stewart Island, where it was planted long ago by the late Charles Traill.

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