Brachyglottis bidwillii

Brachyglottis bidwillii photographed at Tongariro National Park, North Island, New Zealand

Brachyglottis bidwillii (syn Senecio bidwillii) forms a small, evergreen, compact shrub 1–3 ft (30–90 cm) high. The oval, dark green, leathery leaves are 0.75–1.5 in (1.9–3.8 cm) long. The flowers have few ray florets.

Brachyglottis bidwillii is found in the subalpine scrub of the central volcanoes of the North Island, New Zealand, and southwards to the Cook Straight. The variety viridis is larger, and is found in the South Island, where it is more common to the west of the Southern Alps.

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