Sophora microphylla ‘Dragon’s Gold’

Sophora microphylla ‘Dragon’s Gold’ photographed at Nymans, Handcross, Sussex, UK

Sophora microphylla ‘Dragon’s Gold’ (syn Sophora molloyi ‘Dragon’s Gold’) as usually grown is an evergreen, bushy, prostrate mound, but in time it can become large, 20 ft (6 m) high. The leaves are arranged to give a fern-like effect. Yellow flowers, spring.

The original plant of Sophora microphylla ‘Dragon’s Gold’ was brought as seed in the 1950s from Stephens Island, Cook Strait, New Zealand, by Dick Veitch. Cuttings were given to Terry Hatch of Joy Plants in 1978, Pukehohe, near Auckland, who propagated them. It is fairly hardy in the UK.

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