In March, Steve Harding asked if I had Hebe ‘Andersonii Variegata’ but mine had all died. I went to Cornwall in June and checked that the Hebe ‘Andersonii Variegata’ there was still living. It was, so I contacted Steve and sent him some cuttings. He was very grateful as apparently everyone else had lost theirs.

As the Recorder, I have a list of hebe names and a collection of 100 hebes or so. There are collections at Twyn yr Hydd, Plumpton and the Quinta. There is some overlap between the collections, but there are also many gaps. It would be useful to know where some of the older or rarer species and cultivars are located. Is the last Hebe ‘White Wand’ in your garden? Do you have a plant list? Do you have several hebes with forgotten or incorrect names?

I have compiled a questionnaire to find out where different hebes are and if the collection of this data is possible. Perhaps unknowns could be photographed and sent to be displayed on a website, so they can be identified. Many heads are better than one. Any gaps we identify could be investigated and a ‘wanted’ notice circulated.

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Gwen Scoble