Hebe diosmifolia 'Wairua Beauty'

photograph of Hebe diosmifolia 'Wairua Beauty'  supplied courtesy of Lowaters Nursery, UK

Hebe diosmifolia 'Wairua Beauty' is a compact multi-branched shrub which forms a tidy mound of green leaves which are small and narrow; height 1 m and spread 1 m. In June and July a mass of heliotrope-mauve flowers are produced in corymbs at the ends of shoots, these are larger than the species.

Hebe diosmifolia 'Wairua Beauty' was discovered as a sport of the species at Wairua Falls, near Whangarei, in New Zealand, hence the name. It may need some winter protection in colder areas.

Hardiness = H4     UK Availability = 2

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