Hebe ‘Fairfieldii’

Hebe ‘Fairfieldii’ photographed at Holkham Gardens, Norfolk, UK

Hebe ‘Fairfieldii’ is an open, upright bushy evergreen shrub, reaching about 2 ft (60 cm). The leaves are thick, green, often purplish beneath, 1–1.6 in (25–40 mm) long. The leaf margins are serrated and red. The lilac flowers are in open sprays, May to June.

Hebe ‘Fairfieldii’ is a hybrid between Hebe hulkeana and Hebe lavaudiana. It is often misnamed Hebe hulkeana, but this has leaves with pointed ends. It can be susceptible to downy mildew in the UK.

Hardiness = H5     UK Availability = 2

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