Hebe ‘Gauntlettii’

Hebe ‘Gauntlettii’ photographed at a Hebe Society member’s garden, Cheshire, UK

Hebe ‘Gauntlettii’ forms a bushy, evergreen shrub, about 40 in (1 m) or more high. The leaves are glossy green, spear-shaped 2.4–3.1 in (6–8 cm), 0.8–1.2 in (2–3 cm) wide. The flowers are pinkish-magenta, July to November. Fairly hardy in the UK.

This is a hybrid of Hebe Speciosa, and has been grown in England for over 60 years. Similar or identical plants are Hebe ‘Pink Payne’, Hebe ‘Payne’s Pink’, Hebe ‘Rainer’s Beauty’, Hebe ‘Gloriosa’, Hebe ‘Eveline’, and Hebe ‘Red Ruth’. Hebe ‘Anne Pimm’ is a variegated form of Hebe ‘Gauntlettii’.

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