Hebe glaucophylla ‘Clarence’

Hebe glaucophylla ‘Clarence’ photographed at The Quinta Arboretum, Swettenham, Cheshire, UK

Hebe glaucophylla ‘Clarence’ is a compact grey-leaved evergreen shrub, growing to 32 in (80 cm) or more high. The grey-green leaves are spear-shaped, 0.5–0.8 in (14–20 mm) long, and 0.15–0.25 in (4–6 mm) wide. The flowers are white, although it is not a free-flowering hebe, summer. A hebe hardy in the UK.

This form of Hebe glaucophylla was collected by Graham Hutchins in the Clarence Pass, near Hanmer Springs, South Island, New Zealand. It always looks good.

Hardiness = H5     UK Availability = 1

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