Find hebes

The Nurseries page lists nursery owners, from around the world, who have a special interest in hebes and other New Zealand native plants.

UK and Ireland
The RHS Plant Finder is an online database and book that lists over 70,000 plants, and directs you to over 800 UK and Ireland nurseries where they are available.

The Plantenvinder is an online database that lists over 17,500 plants grown by Dutch nurseries.

New Zealand
The New Zealand PlantFinder is an online database that lists 46,000 plants and seeds, and directs you to the New Zealand nurseries where you can buy them.

The Plant Locator® Western Region is a book with over 60,000 plant entries, and covers the entire western region of the United States, plus British Columbia. It is published by Black-Eyed Susans Press and is available from Amazon.

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