Halocarpus bidwillii

Halocarpus bidwillii photographed at Logan Botanic Garden, Stranraer, Scotland, UK

Halocarpus bidwillii (syn Dacrydium bidwillii, bog pine, mountain pine) is an erect or prostrate, bushy, evergreen shrub, growing 2–10 ft (0.6–3 m) high. Juvenile plants have small, narrow leaves, about 0.3 in (8 mm) long. Adult plants have tiny leaves 0.04–0.08 in (1–2 mm) long that tightly clasp the stem. Single male cone-like flowers at branch ends; female flowers single or paired at branch ends. It may be fairly hardy in the UK.

Halocarpus bidwillii is found in subalpine to mountain scrub, from Cape Colville southwards in North Island, South Island and Stewart Island, New Zealand. It is a member of the podocarp family.

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