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‘Hebe News’ is published three times a year

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There are articles on gardening with hebes and other New Zealand native plants, also their the botany and conservation.

Regular items include correspondence, reports on events and open days, cuttings exchange, book reviews, and a list of nurseries run by members.

It is indexed from April 1985 to July 2015 – 620 kb.

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Articles from the current issue

Volume 32, No 2, July 2017

National Collection of Hebes at Plumpton College

AGM and Late Summer Meeting September 2017

A Few of my Favourite Hebes

Hebe Society Photographic Competition 2017

House of Commons Invitation

Prospects for Arley Garden Festival 2017

Hebes in Spain

Show Report – Arley Garden Festival 2017

Musings of the Membership Secretary – July 2017


Next publication date – November 2017

Deadline for contributions – 1st October 2017

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