Hebe News – Article 2

Get Social!

I had the great pleasure of attending my first Hebe Society AGM in September, meeting lots of similarly-minded hebe enthusiasts and having a thoroughly enjoyable day all round. Shameful that it has taken me this long to attend an AGM, but very happy that I finally have! While at the meeting, a number of conversations were had concerning social media and the society’s engagement with a wider audience.

The general feeling was that the society recognised a need to be more active on social media and that it could well be a means to encourage new members to join and engage with existing members collectively.

As a regular and fairly active social media user, I volunteered myself as a willing victim to act as a social media coordinator for the Society. The aim being to establish and manage our social media accounts to help promote our activities, be available to members and encourage new members and to promote Hebes and New Zealand Flora to as wide an audience as possible. Duly, I set up a Twitter @HebeSociety and Instagram @hebesociety account, which are available for all members and as many non-members as possible to follow and comment on our posts.

As of Mid-November, our Instagram account has a modest, but growing 102 followers, with our Twitter account sporting 51. Humble beginnings, but I will work on this to build a big audience and connect with them. My aim is to get 500 followers on each account before the RHS Hampton Court 2019.

On request, I have just set up a new Facebook page, which already has 72 page likes and some engagement including an excellent post from Membership Secretary Sue Bosson. We welcome original content from any society member who wants to post on our Facebook page facebook.com/TheHebeSociety. I am happy to post on your behalf (see below for details how). Anyone comfortable and Facebook savvy can be made an ‘Editor’ of our page and can then post to the page without it needing to be authorized by myself or Steve. We cannot leave the page open for anyone to post on as it represents a security risk, where an individual or company could post directly onto our page with any message.

Now for the audience participation bit… In order for us to be darlings of the social scene, we need involvement from members. So, in short, I want your pictures and your thoughts. If you have something relevant to the society that you would like to share with the world, please can you email me at and I will endeavour to share this with the world on your behalf, crediting you if you wish. If you want to put a copyright stamp on images that is fine as long as you remember that Instagram posts are square in shape. If you already have an account and you’re sharing images or info, feel free to tag the society accounts in your post. I can be found on both Twitter and Instagram as @Iplantsman and feel free to tag me in relevant posts as well so I can reshare with my audience.

Put simply, the more unique content (photos, written pieces, drawings etc) that we post, the more appealing we are to viewers looking to engage with someone new. Hebes are so photogenic, surely, we can’t fail!

Finally, I have been using the hashtag #HebeSoc on posts relevant to the society and it will help to form a clear line of communication over society matters, so don’t be shy in including it in your posts as well.

I’m very happy to answer any specific questions that you have on this, so feel free to email me on the address above.

Until next time, happy gardening and keep social.

Lewis Normand

Registered Charity No 801398