Sophora microphylla

Sophora microphylla photographed at Duchy College, Rosewarne, Redruth, Cornwall, UK

Sophora microphylla (syn Sophora molloyi) is an evergreen tree, growing to 20–30 ft (6–9 m). The leaves are 3–6 in (7.5–15 cm) long, divided into 20 to 40 smaller leaves (leaflets); these are smaller than those of Sophora tetraptera. The yellow flowers are up to long 1.8 in (4.5 cm), in groups of 4 to 10; spring.

Sophora microphylla is found in forests, river edges and open ground in lowland and low mountain areas all over North Island, South Island and the Chatham Islands, New Zealand. Brought to the UK in 1772.

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